You are magic,

own it.

My main goal as a Boudoir Photographer is to assure my clients that I am a person you can trust. I will never share your images with anyone besides you, nor will I post any images of you to my website or social media without your consent. All boudoir galleries are password protected and you will be the only person I share that password with. That being said, I strive to make every session a fun and comfortable experience. I will focus on your beautiful, authentic self while being your biggest hype girl. So pick out your favorite music and invest in YOU.

"Accept who you are and revel in it."

(Mitch Albom)
"Looking at my photos had me in tears. I think I finally see what my husband sees when he looks at me. I feel so much better about my body and Chelsey did that for me. We will be doing a boudoir shoot once a year from now on, to remind myself why I love this body."
— Testimonial 1
"Chelsey makes you feel comfortable the minute you walk in. I'm so glad I trusted her with my first time boudoir experience. I felt amazing and confident about myself throughout the entire session because of her. I felt even more beautiful when I saw the amazing shots she captured. 10/10 recommend. Every woman should experience and feel beautiful."
— Testimonial 2
"Getting my boudoir pictures taken by Chelsey was more than just capturing a moment. I felt comfortable in my own skin, which isn't always easy. She made me feel beautiful and confident, all while laughing and having fun. I love the beautiful moments she captured for me and I will be forever grateful for them."
— Testimonial 3